Capacity. Removal. Dredge Material Management without the Risk Containment.

Rethinking Dredge Material Management

Dredge capacity creation extracts unusable dredged material from placement areas (PA) and processes the raw material turning it into commercially viable products.

Using patent-pending technology, we apply proven mining processes to removing dredge material - separating contaminants and hazardous waste from quality raw material.

Our process is a better solution to creating dredge placement area capacity than raising levees by side-casting or hauling material. We reduce the risk of levee failure during construction at comparable costs and create "perpetual" capacity.

Flood sediment removal is paramount after major storm events. With our patent-pending field expedient levee construction system, we can construct levees on a greenfield site, capture dredge material from the dredge at any production rate, then process and remove it. Once the project is complete, we demobilize the entire site along with the levees, leaving the area clean and ready for its next use with zero negative environmental impacts. This solution is perfect for routine or emergency dredging in areas that do not have a permanent DMPA (e.g. sand deposits after river flooding events).

Benefits and Services

  • Capacity Creation
    Material is removed from DMPA and is processed on site. Modular equipment packages allow scalability to meet the tightest project timelines.
  • Possible during dredge operations
    Water and solids are managed simultaneously to alleviate dredge process slowdown and levee overtopping.
  • Turnkey DMPA Management
    Through active management of solids and water, a "bottomless pit" scenario is achieved, alleviating the need for costly levee raises.
  • Water management
    Using enhanced outfall box water recovery, dewatering before, during, or after dredge operations are possible. And using our scaled solutions, water removal takes days instead of the typical months spent waiting on the natural drying process or using costly "ditching" techniques.
  • Field Expedient DMPA
    Using our rapidly deployable, field expedient levee construction system, we construct levees on a greenfield site, capture dredge material, and remove it from the site without negative environmental impacts or a permanent footprint.